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Whether it’s a bank, government entity or loan insurer, property preservation is an incredibly important part of ensuring that Chicago real estate maintains its value or is upgraded to a condition that meets the expectations of investors. This involves bringing in a third party that can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively handle a variety of services, from winterization, security, to lawn and maid services. Consider the following preservation issues and how they figure into the goals you have for the integrity of your real estate:

Initial Services

Some properties are left as if the previous tenants vanished, which means there is a large quantity of personal property that has to be inventoried and stored. This requires the proper documentation, including photographs. Initial services will often require the removal of exterior debris and an assessment of what needs to be done with landscaping or damaged exteriors. Eliminating or repairing safety hazards and some initial cleaning is also a common initial services task that reputable property preservation companies will carry out.

Winterization Services

Vacant properties are at high risk of damage during the freezing winter months. Your properties could be dry, wet, steam or radiant heat, and you need to choose a company that can winterize a property with any of these systems. The most common work associated with winterization includes pressure draining plumbing systems, draining hot water heaters, tagging and disconnecting water sources, and installing antifreeze traps (preferably non-toxic) for all bowls and fixtures, and other appliances. Snow removal is also a consideration in areas where heavy snowfall is common during the winter months.

Weed Abatement

Perhaps one of the most common issues affecting just about every geographic region in the U.S. involves keeping up with the rapid growth of grass, weeds, bushes and trees. Real estate quickly loses its curb appeal and potentially turns away investors when the lawn goes unattended and weeds begin to pop out of every conceivable green space. Trees and bushes need to be pruned or trimmed, and concrete areas should be edged.

Maid Services

Maintaining a dust-free and clean interior is just as important as curb appeal. Wiping down walls and countertops, vacuuming carpets, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning ceiling fans and light fixtures where dust settles, scrubbing bowls and basins, and deodorizing are all important parts of maintaining the integrity of a property.


Not all properties will be vacated without incident. Given the opportunity, some former owners will attempt to gain entrance. More common in vacant properties is the introduction of squatters and criminals who will temporarily use the property, often causing damages. Your third party property preservation company should offer services including re-keying doors, securing gates and garage doors, installing lockboxes, and boarding the property if necessary.

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