Our Commitment


A City Suburban Service, Inc. has always had a simple mission. It is to provide the best overall experience for its clients, and property preservation solutions that approach each property from the buyers point of view. That means we are able to look at things that we would like to see in perfect condition as if we were buyers. This approach leads us to clear communication between us and our clients, faster turnaround times and top notch quality service from the beginning.


Our relationships with our clients, consultants and vendors are treated as a partnership. By assembling a strong team early in the project, we build trust, commitment and integrity amongst the team, working towards a common goal.


At A City Suburban, Inc. we recognize the social responsibility, which starts with the paramount importance it places on the safety in all of its operations. We believe that safety is no accident. A City Suburban, Inc. believes...


Our objective is to exceed our clients’ expectations showing the quality of workmanship through building strength and reliability. Our management and controls during the work process ensure a first- class standards.


You benefit from the strength of our experience. Our years of on-site practice promote sharing of information and a proactive approach. We are passionate about what we do and we strive to be one step ahead.


Sustainability has been integral to our operations and success. We are dedicated to conducting business in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner to the benefit of current...

Twenty years of experience
in the Chicagoland area – bringing property preservation services to a new level!

Chicago property preservation company

Property preservation in Chicago and suburbs

Whether it’s a bank, government entity or loan insurer, property preservation is an incredibly important part of ensuring that real estate maintains its value or is upgraded to a condition that meets the expectation of investors. This involves bringing in a third party that can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively handle a variety of services, from winterization, security, to lawn and maid services.

A City Suburban Services, Inc. is poised to help you preserve your property and your investment by providing initial services, winterization services, weed abatement, maid services, and security.

Initial services are an important step that helps clients improve immediate aesthetic needs as well as correct safety hazards. Winterization Services especially important in areas where the winter months become frigid and water lines are at risk of bursting in vacant properties. We have the expertise to preserve your property, regardless of its structural makeup, even in the coldest of winters.

Weeds are a problem just about every property will incur. Furthermore, lawns, trees, shrubs and other landscaping need to be tended to on a regular basis if the property is going to retain its value and attract buyers. This is also where A City Suburban, Inc. Services excels.

Your property should be ready to show at any time, which is why having a spotless interior matters to you. Our maid services ensure that your surfaces, whether they are countertops or hardwood floors, are dust free. Your basins and bowls will be free of hard water buildup and your property will be odor free.

Finally, addressing security is a major issue that most property owners are ill equipped to address on their own. A City Suburban Services, Inc. will change locks, secure fencing, and board windows where necessary, re-key doors, and install lockboxes on request. Our record shows that security is a major focus and a highly sought-after service that we provide.