Property Rehab & Maintenance Services

At A City Suburban Services, we offer consistent, professional workmanship in every property rehab and maintenance project we take on for our clients.


From start to finish, our clients rely on our rehab services to bring their properties into a safe, clean and secure state. We accomplish this with a well-rounded and experienced staff with more than 20 years of experience in rehabbing properties of all types. From cleanup to construction, repairs to demolition, our clients can count on our services to meet any code requirement or any of your unique needs.

To get the job done right, we use the right people and tools for the job to complete your renovation. Our extensive experience in this industry provides us with the knowledge of all the ordinances that need to be followed and the permits required to take on every type of rehab job. Because we take pride in what we do, the lengths we go to provide the best customer service consistently surprises our clients. We are dedicated to providing a safe, clean work environment with every project, regardless of how simple or complex it might be.

Due to an extensive internal quality control process, we’re able to provide services that get the job done right the first time. Furthermore, our vast experience and knowledge in property rehabbing and preservation lends us the ability to finish jobs in a timely manner and with the utmost efficiency.

Our Property Rehab Services

Rehabbing properties can involve a number of different services, but the following are some of the most common:

Craftsman with toolbox during work of home maintenance crew
Engineer inspection in workplace for building planEngineer inspection in workplace for building plan

For more than 20 years, our expert staff has amassed the kind of experience that makes us the go-to rehab and maintenance specialists in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your project and how our services will be a perfect match.

Interior and exterior remodeling contractors

Interior and Exterior Remodeling Services

From emergency siding services to rehabbing interior walls, A City Suburban Services has the knowhow to remodel every aspect of your property’s interior and exterior areas.

Does your property have a leaking roof or gutters that aren’t doing the job anymore? We have the experience to get the work done fast so your property doesn’t lapse into a state where the city will condemn it.

In fact, our services will get your property to a state where you can put it on the market. Furthermore, our interior services can take an uninhabitable property and turn it into one that is market ready.

Carpentry Services

Many properties in need of rehabilitation are filled with old carpets that need to be ripped out and replaced. Our workers can rehabilitate flooring and install new carpets that will freshen up the look and feel of your property. Furthermore, we can help you choose the best carpeting for your property, whether it’s a multi-unit property or a single family home or business.

Male builder marking point on plank sitting on the floor
Plumber mounted distributor of central heating

Plumbing Services

Many of our clients have a need for plumbing services, especially for getting them ready for winter as the harsh winters are a threat to the plumbing in vacant properties. A City Suburban Services will ensure that your supply lines are drained, your main supply line is plugged and that the drain lines traps are winterized with antifreeze. Furthermore, we’ll placard all commodes and sinks.

Electrical Services

Vacant properties are at risk of fire related damage due to failing electrical systems, sometimes throughout the entire property. A City Suburban Services has access to electricians who are experts at inspecting the entire property for electrical anomalies, and we’ll make the appropriate repairs, ensuring that your property is updated, safe and ready to proceed to your next step.

Electrician worker
HVAC systems

HVAC Services

From making quick and simple fixes to existing HVAC systems to completely gutting properties of antiquated systems and installing brand new, modern equipment, A City Suburban Services has highly knowledgeable people ready to help you with custom HVAC work.

Other Services

While debris removal and security are some of the most common services we provide, we’re also highly qualified to tackle these:

  • Roofing and Siding

    The roof and siding on your property are the first line of protection against the elements, which means if anything is wrong with these critical components, they need to be addressed quickly.

  • Painting

    Paint not only adds another layer of protection against the elements, it beautifies your property. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor painting, we’ve got you covered.

  • General Handyman Services

    Not every project has to be a massive undertaking; sometimes all that’s needed is a few odds and ends to be tied up, and that’s exactly what our handyman services address.

  • Fencing

    From fixing old and damaged fencing to putting up brand new fencing for tighter security, A City Suburban Services has many options from which you can choose.

  • Demolition

    From gutting a property to completely taking down a detached garage, no demolition project is too big for our team of experts.

If you didn’t see your particular need on our list, just contact us and we’ll discuss your issue and come up with a solution for it.