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Property Damage Restoration & Cleanup

Disasters aren’t planned, so when they happen, you need a team of professionals to address your damage quickly. That’s what we do at A City Suburban Service. Our skilled restoration experts know how to quickly, safely and effectively clean up and restore damaged properties, regardless of what type of damage has occured.


With the proper equipment, training and experience, the professionals at A City Suburban Service specialize in restoring residential and commercial properties. Whether they’ve been damaged by mold, fire, water or any other cause, we have the tools to remedy the situation.

At A City Suburban Service, we place a high priority on making sure our customers are happy, which is why we tackle restoration projects with the same amount of vigor, whether they’re small or large. The end result is one that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Property Damage Restoration Services

After years of providing restoration services, we know what the typical customer needs, but we’re also prepared for atypical situations. This experience also lends itself to dealing with insurance providers to nail down the financial aspects of a project and make sure everything that can be covered will be covered.

Our restoration services include the following:

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Benefits of working with us
  • Highly trained restoration technicians
  • Quickly address disasters of all sizes
  • Advanced equipment
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Free inspection & consultation
  • A trusted leader in the restoration industry

Part of being a trusted restoration contractor is being an excellent communicator. We work closely with our customers to ensure that everything that needs to be accomplished becomes part of the restoration strategy.

Contact us and let’s talk about your project.

Fire Damage Restoration & Smoke Damage Cleanup Services

If fire and smoke damage have compromised the integrity of your property, the results can be quite disruptive, making the property uninhabitable. A City Suburban Service will quickly turn that situation around for you.

Every project we take on involves putting a team of trained professionals on the tasks. Not only are they highly experienced, they’re also equipped with the latest tools that assist in safely removing smoke and soot residues, wiping the slate clean and working with insurance providers to help ease our customers’ stress load.

If fire has damaged your property, don’t leave it up to just any rehabilitation contractor to fix it – call in the company that you can trust – A City Suburban Service.

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Water restoration worker

Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage is immediately a bad situation, but left unresolved it can become an even larger issue as rot, mold and mildew set in. From torrential rains to leaking roofs, a burst pipe or sewage backup, A City Suburban Service has worked with property owners who have experienced water damage due to just about every conceivable way and we know how to restore your property.

Our approach to water damage restoration is comprehensive, which means we’ll remove the water, use our detection equipment to see how deep the damage runs, and have your property dry and clean in short order. For fast action, contact us and let’s schedule restoration services that will have your property back in order.



As an innovative property restoration company, A City Suburban Service is uniquely poised to address all of your restoration/cleaning needs, whether it’s related to smoke and fire remediation, flooding, decontamination or preventative cleaning.

Our approach includes using a team of highly trained and skilled individuals who will secure your premises, provide effective cleaning/restoration services while also dealing with your insurance provider.

Contact us and let’s discuss your situation and we’ll schedule an inspection.

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