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Illinois REO Property Management: A Multi-Pronged Approach to Protecting Investments

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Investors need to closely watch their properties, yet they don’t have the time or resources to do this by themselves. It’s only through working with vendors, real estate professionals, law enforcement officials, city governments and third party property management professionals that this can be achieved.

In some cases, investment properties are inhabited illegally. The occupants might have been living there legally at first, but after repeated attempts at contacting them to move out, it comes time to enlist the services of local law enforcement for eviction purposes. Protecting your investment includes having a high professional standard, which means observing every local, regional and state statute. Knowing when to call upon the services of the law enforcement officials can help move your Chicago REO property management process along faster, more efficiently, and legally.

Not every situation will come to this extreme; however, you’ll likely need the services of a real estate professional to assist you in showing the property once it’s available for the market. Of course, real estate agents will do more than just show the property to you - they’ll also guide you through the sale process once a buyer is identified.

Investors also need to identify a property management specialist to tend to a variety of needs, from securing the property with new locks, gates, etc., to maintaining the exterior and interior of the property. These professionals should be knowledgeable of city codes and keep renovation and rehabilitation effort on a tight timeline.

For investors, it’s all about minimizing REO losses and maximizing returns. This might include securing maid services, snow removal, lawn and yard services, repairs and rehabilitation, maintenance, quality control and winterizing services.

Keeping an eye on maximum returns also involves the inclusion of a property management team at the outset of the investment. For instance, a top-notch team will offer a variety of initial services, including:

  • Removing and correctly storing personal property as requested
  • Securing fences around pools and hot tubs
  • Removing exterior and interior debris
  • Photographically documenting any personal property remaining
  • Mow grass and eradicate weeds
  • Trim trees and shrubs
  • Clean carpets and flooring
  • Eliminate safety hazards throughout property

A proper REO property management company will leave no stone unturned. They will work with real estate agents, local code enforcement officers, vendors and prospective buyers to see that the investment changes hands in such a way that all parties involved are satisfied.

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Our goal is to work with every entity involved in the community that can affect a better outcome for our clients’ real estate investments. We are experts at working with law enforcement, city governments, real estate agents, and investors in coming to a decisively productive conclusion that maximizes the gains of investors. Contact us today for more information about how we can boost your chances of seeing a better return on your investment.