Water damage in house
we deal with your insurance company ensuring you are covered
The Chicago Area’s Trusted Water Damage Restoration & Flood Cleanup Expert
We have a full line of water removal/extraction and dehumidification solutions and techniques for wiping out the moisture, but we offer a competitive price and never tack on hidden fees. We will also work directly with your insurance adjustor to make sure you’re covered.
water damage restoration
Water damage restoration

We do everything from inspections to final repairs, and with restoration services, we’ll wipe out every indication that you ever had a water damage issue.

water removal
Water removal and extraction

Whether it’s from burst pipes, a chronically damp basement or a sudden storm, our state-of-the-art extraction methods will completely remove the water from your property.

emergency flood
Emergency flood water damage cleanup

Every moment counts when your property is flooded, so for a quick response, call our emergency number 312-945-0019.


When water damage has impacted your property, it doesn’t matter how it goes there, you need to contact an experienced water damage restoration and remediation contractor to take care of the problem for you and then come up with a strategy that keeps it from happening again.

At A City Suburban Service, we know where to look and how to remediate every issue. We take our services a step further – not only working closely with our client, but also dealing with the client’s insurance adjuster to make quick work of claims and to ensure everything that should be covered is covered.

Water damage can occur through a variety of mishaps, natural and unnatural, but here are some of the most common culprits:

  • Plumbing issues
  • Appliance malfunctions
  • Heavy rainstorms
  • Burst water pipes
  • Sewer backups

Whether it’s an old water heater that’s leaking, aged water pipes that no longer hold a tight seal or Mother Nature wreaking havoc, whatever caused your water damage will leave a mark that will only get worse if not attended to.

A trusted water damage expert will make it a priority to quickly assess the scope of the problem and come up with a swift solution for removing the water. Next, they’ll need to have the experience to know where to look for possible hidden damage that can easily go unnoticed. Finally, they should have the tools and techniques necessary for remediating the problem and testing to make sure all moisture has been extracted.

At A City Suburban Service, our highly-trained water damage experts have dealt with about every type of flood and moisture situation, which means we know the steps to take in order to get your property back into tip-top shape. From extracting the water to sanitizing and disinfecting the affected areas, our team will get you back on track in as little time as possible.

For prompt and courteous service, call us at 312-945-0019, or fill out our online form.

Water damage restoration experts inspected flood damage
Here’s how we deal with water damage
  • Experienced & Certified Professionals

    We’re not only PMII and EPA qualified, we’re also coming to our customers with years of experience behind us informing our remediation decisions.

  • Modern Tools & Advanced Techniques

    The right tools, the informed approach to using them: that you can count on with A City Suburban Service.

  • On Time & On Budget

    Time is of the essence, but so is money. We focus on both for our clients, providing a competitive price and no hidden fees.

  • Insurance Savvy

    Don’t worry about getting the runaround from your insurance company – we'll work directly with them to ensure you’re covered.

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Destroyed building after water damage

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Restoring your property after water damage

Our expertise is wide-ranging:

  • Flooded & water-damaged basements

    Basements are notorious for flooding, gathering excess moisture and becoming mildewed and moldy. Rather than suffer through that horrible “basement odor,” have our crew come in with the most modern tools for the job and experience in restoring water-damaged property. Whether it’s a flash flood that has created a body of water in your basement or just months/years of built-up moisture damage, we can address your needs.

    Flooded & water-damaged basements
  • Burst & damaged pipe restoration services

    Old homes with old pipes are at risk of water damage. Even newer homes with subpar insulation can experience a frozen and burst pipe in the winter cold. Regardless of the situation, if a pipe has been damaged and is leaking water, we can completely remove all the water and restore everything that has been damaged.

    Burst & damaged pipe restoration services
  • Cleaning up & restoring storm-damaged structures

    Storms that bring a lot of water in a short amount of time is a major culprit leading to water damage. From flooded basements to leaky roofs that lead to extensive water damage, we’ve got the tools to remove the water, clean up the mess and restore damaged structures.

    Cleaning up & restoring storm-damaged structures

Residential and commercial cleanup and restoration of water-damaged property

At A City Suburban Service, we have extensive experience working on commercial and residential properties, bringing top-notch water damage restoration services at a competitive price.

Our approach to residential and commercial services is similar in that we respond quickly to either type of client, because the longer a water-damaged structure remains wet, the greater the risk that more damage will occur.

Regardless of the size and scope of the job, we’ve got the latest tools designed for the job and water-damage remediation knowledge to thoroughly address your water issues, completely dry out your structure and clean and sanitize it so your water issues are a thing of the past.


All projects are different, but our team will generally take the following steps to address your issues

Find the source of the water/moisture

Stop the flow of water into your structure

Remove/extract water

Thoroughly dry and dehumidify the area

Clean and disinfect all affected structures

Repair and restore damages

If mold is present, introduce mold remediation solutions

Jumping on the problem quickly is of utmost importance, but so is being efficient and thorough; that’s what A City Suburban Service brings to the table. Don’t count on any contractor without the proper training, experience and equipment to get the job done – call on us and we’ll make sure you’re completely covered.

Let our experts find the source of your leak and address the damage

We know where to look for the source of water damage. It could be a single shingle on your roof, a pin-hole leak in a hidden pipe in your walls or improper airflow that leads to moisture buildup. If water damage is affecting your property, we’ll find the source and put a stop to it.

In some cases, the source is more obvious, such as a flash flood, burst pipe or a failing water heater – we also have solutions for quickly addressing these issues. Our team of experts have worked with all types of water damage from varying sources, so we know what to look for when we come to your property, commercial or residential.

The next step is addressing the damage left behind, which can vary from simply drying and dehumidifying to repair and replacing damaged structures. You need a contractor that can handle any situation, and with our team of professionals, A City Suburban Service has everything you need under one roof.

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As if encountering water damage isn’t enough, there are also complexities involved in working through your insurance company to try to get them to pony-up for the remediation costs. Rather than do that on your own, let us handle it. We’ve worked with just about every insurance company in the Chicago area and are educated in about all the different policies, which means there’s nothing complex about it for us.

It’s our goal to make every part of the process go as smoothly as possible, from the initial inspection to mapping out a plan for removing water and making repairs, to ensuring that everything in your claim that should be covered is covered.

Contact us at 312-945-0019 and schedule an appointment for our team to visit your facility. We’ll get their fast, complete our thorough inspection and quickly follow up with a plan to get your facility back on track while working with your insurance adjustor throughout the process.

Quick and efficient water extraction and removal services

To protect your residential or commercial property from incurring even more extensive damage than it already has, you need to have the water removed/extracted as quickly as possible.

Water damage extraction in house after flooded

This can only happen when you bring in a team of experts who know where to look for the water source and have the tools and knowledge to stop the leak and remove the water and completely dry all surfaces that have come into contact with it.

Repairs can’t be made until the property is completely dry, which is why A City Suburban Service professionals use the latest technology, such as hygrometers and other moisture detectors to evaluate the moisture levels.

Our approach is thorough and exacting, which is something you should demand of any contractor working in your residential or commercial property. Contact A City Suburban Service at 312-945-0019 and let us provide you with the top-notch services that will ensure your water-damaged property is completely cleaned, dry and dehumidified.

Let the professionals dry and dehumidify your property

Water extraction is one of the important beginning steps in remediating your water damage, but it’s only the beginning: drying and dehumidifying is a crucial part of the process of complete remediation.

Once the pumps and vacuums have extracted all the moisture they can, there is still a lot of water trapped that must be taken care of. An incomplete job will later result in buckling floors and walls, and the risk is extremely high that mold, mildew and rot will develop.

A City Suburban Service outfits our team of professional water damage remediation experts with the tools that completely dry and dehumidify your property. From industrial fans to powerful dehumidifiers and mold remediation solutions, we’ve got the equipment you would only expect from a go-to water damage contractor.

Water damage professionals dry and dehumidify property

Once we’ve put these tools to use, we also have the technology that scientifically evaluates the level of dryness, giving us the information we need to move on to the next step in the remediation process.

With a combination of access to the right technology and our ability to put years of experience to work, we’re confident your water damage issue will be in control in very little time when you partner with A City Suburban Service.

Controlling flood damage, from cleanup to disinfecting and sanitizing

A sudden flood can introduce many contaminants to a property. Not only is there an immediate water issue, but there is also the residual bacteria, mold and grime to tend to.

Your water damage remediation contractor needs to take a thorough approach, from removing water, extracting moisture, dehumidifying and sanitizing.

We offer the following services:

  • Fast removal of standing water
  • Extraction of moisture from all contaminated materials
  • Removal of mud/silt and other debri before it dries
  • Cleaning of all affected surfaces
  • Complete drying/dehumidifying of all surfaces
  • Disinfection of all affected areas
  • Removal and repair of damaged structures

At A City Suburban Service, we not only know how to quickly remove water and all introduced debris, we’re also experts in sanitizing your compromised structure. Water-damaged properties can become a health risk for people living and working within them, which is why we utilize the latest techniques in ensuring a compromised structure is completely dried out, cleaned, restored and sanitized.

While some health risks that we remediate, such as black mold, can go unnoticed, by occupants of a property, water damage often leaves behind an unpleasant odor, which is why A City Suburban Services uses cleaning techniques that wipe out the source of the smell, and deodorizers that knock down even the most pervasive scents. It’s all part of a thorough sanitizing effort that separates what we do from our competitors.

Repair and restoration: Our approach to total remediation

After every trace of moisture has been extracted and the area thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, our crew can address damaged structures that require repair and restoration.

From minor fixes, such as drywall replacement, to more extensive support structure repair and replacement, we’ll tackle any size project with the same dedication to excellence.

Home restoration and repair after water damage

Our projects have included completely replacing water-damaged floors and walls, drywall, cabinets and roofing. We also offer painting services.

Our goal is to not only bring your property back to its original state, but to make it even better than what it was prior to your water damage. To do this requires a team that has training and experience in everything from carpentry to electrical, HVAC to plumbing.

At A City Suburban Service, we pride ourselves on giving our clients everything needed in one contractor without having to subcontract out extra work. It’s this approach to customer service that has boosted our reputation in the Chicago area.

All you have to do is make one call to set the wheels in motion. Contact us at 312-945-0019 and schedule a site visit.

Preventing mold and further water damage

It doesn’t take much moisture to get a mold problem growing out of control. That’s why it’s important to bring in a trusted professional to take a thorough look at all the usual and unusual areas of a residence or business where water can create damaging issues, such as mold and rot.

As a professional water damage restoration contractor, A City Suburban Service is also experienced in dealing with mold and its causes. Our services include preventing mold from taking hold in your property again through a variety of methods, including fixing problem areas where moisture has historically been a pervasive problem.

What you get with A City Suburban Service:
  • Consultation and estimate FREE of charge
  • Emergency services: reliable and fast
  • For sensitive situations, we’re discreet and understanding
  • We stand by our rapid response guarantee for those most in need
  • We take deadlines very seriously
  • We treat your property like our own and will protect it throughout the project
  • Every job is accurately priced
  • No hidden fees, ever
  • We value communicating project details so our customers are always informed
  • We’re locally owned, operated and staffed
  • We use industry-leading tools and equipment
  • We’re experts at working with adjusters on insurance claims
  • Services are discreet

The Chicago area water damage restoration contractor to solve your problems

After years and years of assisting residential and commercial customers, A City Suburban Service has amassed invaluable knowledge about dealing with water damage and perfected techniques for remediating all types of water/moisture issues that impact a property.

With industry-leading technology and a highly trained team of experts on our side, we can say with confidence that we are the go-to water damage restoration contractor for Chicagoland residences and businesses. Our customer-centric approach is evident in the comments from our customers.

Instead of gouging customers, we’re competitively priced and we never hide any costs – everything regarding our fees is out in the open from day one. Contact us at 312-945-0019 and schedule an appointment for us to look at your water damage, then find out for yourself why we’re the trusted contractor for water damage restoration in Chicago.

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