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Professional Mold Removal & Remediation Services in The Chicago Area
If you’ve got a mold problem, we’ve got the solution. With a crew of fully certified mold removal and remediation specialists, we’re able to clean up any problem large or small that Chicago area property owners experience.
mold removal
Complete mold removal services

A complete cleaning means knowing where to look for problems and having the solutions to effectively handle them. Regardless of the type of mold, we’re qualified to remediate the issue.

FREE mold inspection

A thorough inspection is the vital first step in taking down a mold problem. Our team of experts follow a lengthy checklist as part of our inspection process, which is free of charge.

mold testing
Mold & air quality testing

Mold spores can go undetected for a long time, and that can lead to health issues. Our air quality testing gear can identify exactly what type of mold is in your property and determine the severity of the problem.


From residential to commercial properties in Chicago, A City Suburban Service is a leading provider of cleaning and mold removal services. Regardless of the size of the property or type of architecture, we’re highly experienced and use the latest tools and techniques for remediating mold and turning grimy, mildewed and spore-infested properties into sanitary spaces.

Where we shine is in our full time staff of highly-trained professionals. We’re experts on dealing with various types of mold, but we’re also armed with the knowledge to fully remediating mold issues, which includes staying up to date on cleaning and sanitizing products, cleaning equipment and techniques that make us industry leaders in this space. Remediation also involves testing the air quality during our inspection and following our cleaning and mold removal services to ensure the air is safe and clean.

What our customers have come to expect from us is a commitment to customer service. This includes competitive pricing, flexibility in scheduling projects (time and dates that are least intrusive to our customers) and full satisfaction in the end result of our services.

We know that dirt and grime buildup, mold and mildew have an impact on our customers, and can even be dangerous. It’s serious business and we take every precaution to keep the worksite safe and secure. Furthermore, we work extremely closely with our clients, communicating all the details that matter, staying on target with our projected completion dates and never going over budget.

Our commitment to mold removal and cleaning services extends to the following:

  • Inspection and consultation are free
  • Professional mold testing and air sampling
  • Complete mold removal
  • All surfaces are cleaned and sanitized
  • Deodorization
  • Restoration of affected contents
  • Repair and rebuilding of structures
  • We work with insurance adjusters and provide claims assistance

That’s just a handful of services we provide. If you’ve got an issue, contact us at 312-945-0019 and schedule a free inspection, or request a free estimate online.

Mold removal from walls
This is how we remove mold
  • We Utilize a Team of Experienced Professionals

    To put it plainly, we know mold and how to get rid of it. It’s what our professional crew has done for more than two decades, which means we’ve dealt with every type of mold common in the Chicago area and the vast majority of the different types of commercial buildings and residences here. We’re certified experts, continuously dedicating time and effort to educating ourselves on new techniques and products for mold remediation.

  • Industry-Leading Safety Protocols & Cleaning Supplies Knowledge

    Dealing with mold is not for the novice contractor. We keep the job site safe, which includes using the right protective equipment, cleaning solutions and methods for remediation.

  • A Comprehensive Approach

    Rather than farm out the cleaning and mold remediation work to multiple contractors, utilize one that has everything you need under one roof. From the inspection process to cleaning, remediating mold to repairing structures – we can do it all.

  • Top-Notch Work at Fair Prices

    We keep everything above board, which means from the free inspection to the final walkthrough of the completed job, we clearly communicate everything, and that means no hidden fees, ever.

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Mold remediation from ceiling and walls

Don’t take chances with mold – to determine if you have a problem or eliminate one you know you have, call our mold removal experts at 312-945-0019.

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Quick and efficient residential mold removal

The mold in your home might have been there for quite a while, but we’re going to quickly and effectively get rid of it. The following are some of the most commonly affected areas:

  • Basements

    Water takes the path of least resistance, which means your basement is usually the most affected area. Basements are also dark and humid areas that are perfect for mold growth. Knowing how to remove it and preventing it from returning is our specialty.

  • Attics

    The smallest leak in a roof can feed a mold problem in the attic, which is a space that is rarely visited, allowing a small problem to grow into something fairly major. Even in the tightest spaces, our crew knows how to pinpoint problem areas in attics and take out the problem.

  • Crawl spaces

    Another infrequently visited area, the crawl space, is where conditions can be prime for mold growth. Our lengthy inspection process has crawl spaces on the checklist, so if you’ve got mold in yours, we’re going to find it.

    Crawl spaces
  • Bathrooms and kitchens

    Without a rigorous cleaning regimen, mold will easily grow in kitchens and bathrooms, where on a daily basis, water and humidity caused by steam will impact surfaces and provide “food” for mold. We have methods for not only eliminating the mold in these areas, we can also take action to prohibit future growth.

    Bathrooms and kitchens

Treating black mold and removing it with highly effective cleaning services

Stachybotrys chartarum, or “Black Mold” as it is more commonly known, is a toxic variety that deserves the respect of anyone who has the potential to come in contact with it.

Our testing services will identify if the mold in your property falls in this category of toxic mold, which gives us the information we need to determine the best course of action in cleaning the property and remediating the issue. At A City Suburban Service, our focus on details includes following safety procedures that keep our job sites safe while we handle black mold remediation services.

Side effects of black mold:

  • Headaches
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Irritated eyes
  • Nausea

Don’t run the risk of your family or employees being impacted by black mold by calling on an inferior cleaning and mold remediation contractor. If you suspect you have a mold issue, our testing will identify if it is black mold and we’ll safely remove it. We’re uniquely qualified to deal with such an aggressive form of mold, as we possess all the necessary safety gear, cleaning equipment and solutions to effectively and safely remove black mold.

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Impact on Health

While you might think the odor mold puts off is the most unpleasant thing about it, a high dose of mold spores exposed to your respiratory system can be a health risk. While most molds are not dangerous, some of them are, which is why it’s important to have your air quality tested.

Structure Damage

The damage that mold can cause is wide-ranging, from personal property (such as mementos in the attic) to drywall, support structures and your HVAC system. The best way to deal with the problem is to test the mold, have it removed, clean the impacted surfaces, determine structural damage and to refurbish, renovate, rebuild those areas.

With more than two decades of offering top-notch mold removal and cleaning services, we’re the contractor you need to completely wipe out your black mold problem today. Contact us and we’ll inspect your property for free.

A City Suburban Service will completely remove your mold

The average homeowner or janitor can stay on top of most surface molds in common areas, but when it comes to inner walls, basements, crawl spaces, attics and other areas that are hard to reach or impossible to see without professional experience, it’s time to call in an experienced mold removal and cleaning contractor.

Unless mold is completely removed, it will continue to be a nuisance, making a resurgence and becoming just as big or a bigger problem. It’s basically impossible for someone without the right cleaning solutions, equipment and techniques to completely remediate a mold problem. At A City Suburban Service, complete removal is what we do. Plus, we help our clients take steps to stay mold-free after we’ve left your property.

At A City Suburban Service, we want you to put down the bleach and scrub brush and allow our team of skilled workers to completely clean and remove the mold from your property. You get a great return on your investment and will be happy to have worked with us.


Curious about what’s involved in a typical mold remediation project? While every job has its unique complexities, most scenarios play out like this:

Thorough inspection

Air quality is tested

Mold is type determined

Affected area(s) are contained

Mold and mold-infested materials are removed

Cleaned areas are dried out

Surrounding structures and contents are cleaned

Compromised structures are rebuilt/repaired

Final air quality test to ensure complete mold removal

Reduce health risks with residential mold remediation

Your home is your sanctuary, but not if there are toxic spores floating through your air and into your family’s lungs. Put an end to the risk by bringing our team of experts into your home to test your air quality, pinpoint the location of the mold and eradicate it.

We take a comprehensive approach, cleaning and repairing all impacted areas and ensuring your home will not be a risk to your health.

Mold removal and remediation from home interior

Mold remediation gives employees a safe work environment

Most employers are already struggling with employee retention, so don’t hamper those efforts by making employees work in an unsafe environment. A clean, mold-free workplace shows your company culture is one where employees come first.

With A City Suburban Service, we help our clients stay productive and workflow going in the right direction by providing comprehensive cleaning and mold remediation services. We’ve worked in properties in just about every possible industry, so we’re confident we’ll provide you with a safer facility, one that your employees will be proud to work in.

As a fiscally responsible person, you’ll be happy to know that our inspections are free of charge, so contact us today and let’s schedule an appointment.

info A City Suburban Service is poised to eliminate all the mold in your home or place of business in the Chicago area. You need highly trained and seasoned experts to clean your structure and remove your mold, so contact us and let the best mold remediation contractor get you on the right track.

A thorough inspection and diagnosis leads to a long-lasting solution

Perhaps you noticed a moldy odor, or you actually see mold on various surfaces – there is no way to know if the mold is dangerous to your health without a thorough inspection and testing that leads to an accurate diagnosis.

To ensure that mold never becomes a problem for you, don’t wait until you smell or see it, schedule regular mold inspections so your structure remains intact and everyone in the property is not at risk for contracting an airborne illness.

Our experts at A City Suburban Service know what to look for and have the testing equipment necessary to diagnose the issue. Armed with information and years of experience, we know how to create a solution that will be a long-lasting fix.

Our visual inspection is free!

While mold can be concealed behind walls, an initial visual inspection will reveal a lot. A City Suburban Service mold remediation professionals know what to look for and the extent of the damage caused by mold through a simple visual inspection.

After our visual inspection, which is free of charge, we can determine if an air quality test needs to be administered. We can also begin to devise a plan for how to address removing the mold, repairing damaged structures, cleaning surrounding areas and coming up with preventative measures to keep the mold from coming back.

Again, a lot can be determined through a visual inspection by our crew, so schedule an appointment today.

The following are included in our mold inspection services:

  • Pinpoint the problem areas
  • Test existing mold
  • Locate where moisture is getting into the structure
  • Look at all environment elements that inhibit mold growth
  • Analyze all data to create a fact-based approach to solutions

A City Suburban Service employs full time, certified mold inspectors who are leaders in the industry. If you have the slightest suspicion that you have a mold problem or just want to ensure that your structure is mold free, contact us and schedule your free inspection and one of our professionals will take care of you and your property.

Get your air quality tested by a professional

It’s not just the safe thing to do – it’s the right thing to do. With more than 250,000 varieties of mold that we know of, and with our air quality testing services, we can tell you what type of mold you’ve got in your property within one or two business days after the test.

Not only does our air quality testing reveal the type of mold in your structure, we are also able to measure carbon dioxide, particulates, volatile organic compounds and the various elements that can trigger asthma and other health issues.

The Environmental Protection Agency has set a standard regarding safe air quality of indoor air. If your air quality is substandard, you risk having people that breathe your air suffer from a variety of health problems, including headache, asthma, dizziness and nausea.

A City Suburban Services will test your air quality and reveal what is in it, which you’ll find in our detailed report. Don’t risk breathing another day’s worth of bad air – contact us and schedule your air quality test today.

Our approach to testing air quality:

  • Air samples – Using a variety of methods, we essentially trap what is in your air and have it analyzed in a laboratory.
  • Surface samples – What’s in the air will eventually land on surfaces, so we also take samples off a variety of surfaces and have experts analyze them. The reports we get back help shape our solution for improving your air quality.

Air quality testing and testing for surface contaminants is a procedure we can carry out in short order, but is one of the most important aspects of a mold remediation project. Contact us and schedule a time that we can send our highly-trained professionals to test your air.

These are the reasons you should schedule a mold test:
  • You’ve experienced water damage
  • You want to boost the resale value of your property
  • You detect the odor of mold
  • You are experiencing health issues that could be mold related
  • You’ve had mold removed in the past and need to ensure it’s gone
  • You see what you think is mold

Testing your indoor air quality

Mold isn’t always visible, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t compromising the quality of your air. Even if it is hidden behind walls, tiny spores become airborne and can cause numerous health issues. To determine if you have allergens/spores in your air, you must have your air tested.

There are a variety of ways air can be tested, but the most common method is the “spore trap,” which is the process whereby a volume of air is allowed to pass over a sticky surface within the spore trap. Particulate in the air, including mold spores and other allergens, will adhere to the surface.

The spore trap is then sent to a laboratory where it is analyzed and a full report is made available. A City Suburban Service works with the best labs to ensure quality results.

Indoor air quality testing to detect mold in residential basement

Mold swabs/surface samples

One way mold spreads is through the airborne spores, which land on surfaces and begin to grow. At A City Suburban Service, we also perform mold swab tests on surfaces to determine what type of mold we’re dealing with.

The tape swab is one of the more commonly used testing methods for surfaces. The process involves a cotton material swab, which is wiped on surfaces, particularly in areas where mold is actively growing. The mold will adhere to the swab, which is sent to a laboratory for testing.

This is important, because while we always adhere to strict safety standards, we will boost our containment protocols when dealing with dangerous forms of mold, such as black mold.

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. The following are some you might have right now:

What is involved in mold abatement, remediation and cleanup?

A City Suburban Service utilizes a comprehensive approach to getting rid of the mold. Remediation is terminology often used when discussing environmental damage, of which mold definitely qualifies as in your home or business.
Similarly, abatement is a bit of a legal term describing lessening something, and that’s exactly what we do when we tackle a mold abatement job. Mold can leave a lot of damage in its wake, which is why it’s important to hire a contractor that has the right cleaning equipment, cleaning solutions and knowledgeable staff for effectively cleaning all surfaces impacted by mold.

What do you charge for your services?

First, our visual inspection is free of charge. However, the total cost of services will vary depending on the size and scope of the job. If you shop around, you’ll find that we offer highly compatible pricing.

What’s the average length of a mold removal project?

The average project takes one to five days. Just as with cost, coming up with a timeline has everything to do with size and scope of the project. If the mold is on easy-to-reach surfaces and is not widespread throughout the property, you’re looking at a one-day timeline. If it’s behind walls and in other difficult to reach places, the project will likely take multiple days.

Is the home or business safe to be in while the mold is being removed?

It’s recommended that all occupants leave the property while the work is being done. This is for the safety of everyone involved and for the work to be completed faster.

Does mold return after being removed?

Basically, there’s always a little mold everywhere, but if you’ve got a bad problem with it in your property and you have it removed by a trusted, professional and expert mold remediation expert, you’re not likely to see it come back. However, should the property suffer water damage and the surfaces aren’t dried out, call us back in, because water damage can trigger a mold return.

Save on expenses and prevent mold with maintenance

Everything comes at a cost, but if you want to save some money, you can avoid remediation expenses with some fairly standard maintenance practices. First off, mold loves moisture, so anything you can do to keep it from building up in your house, the better off you’ll be.

A City Suburban Service can help you identify areas of your home most likely to suffer moisture issues and help you implement ways to keep that from happening.

Hanging clothes to dry indoors, failing to immediately clean up a spill, letting bath and shower steam accumulate, failing to empty dehumidifier trays – there are numerous ways to prevent your home from becoming a mold farm, so schedule a visit from our specialists. We’ll do a walkthrough of your property and identify problem areas and provide the preventative maintenance that prevents the need for a remediation project.

We are #1 choice for your mold removal:
  • FREE inspection & initial consultation
  • Fast, quality mold removal from the crawlspace, attic, basement, and other spaces
  • Start-to-finish restoration services
  • Professional air quality testing, surface testing and reporting
  • Competitive and fair pricing
  • Certified, highly trained and experienced experts
  • Top-of-the-line safety methods and equipment
  • Independent, local, owner-operated
  • Licensed, insured and certified
  • We work hand-in-hand with property insurance companies

The company to contact for mold removal and remediation in the Chicago area

With a quarter century of experience serving Chicago area commercial and residential property owners, A City Suburban Service is the company to contact for mold removal, remediation and cleaning. Mold problems can be stressful, even if they’re relatively small, which is why we act fast, communicate openly and make sure our clients are covered.

Our employees live and work in the Chicago area and we’re committed to assisting those who live and work among us. Our dedication to customer service shows in our reviews, so if you want to work with a locally-owned company that completes projects on time and on budget, contact us and schedule an appointment.

If you’ve got a mold problem that needs quick consideration, call our emergency line at 312-945-0019. You can also make an appointment online.

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