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we deal with your insurance company ensuring you are covered
Your Trusted Fire Damage Restoration and Cleanup Expert For The Chicago Area
Our team of experienced technicians is ready to assist you in mitigating secondary damages and salvaging your personal property. We handle projects from initial securing to restoring your property to pre-fire condition, focusing on helping you return to your home or business ASAP.
board-up services
Assessing fire damage and board-up services

To ensure the property is secure, we’ll board up open areas and secure structures that are deemed unsafe, while also making a thorough assessment of all damages.

water removal
Water extraction and drying services, plus smoke cleanup

Water extraction ensures that no further damages will occur. The equipment we use for drying the affected surfaces will also prevent mold growth. Using specialized tools and techniques, we also attend to soot/smoke damage on all surfaces.

fire restoration
Restoring and reconstructing fire damaged areas

Once the water is removed and surfaces dried, we will restore and reconstruct affected areas throughout the facility/home and bring it back to its original luster.


The road to recovery might seem long and arduous, but you’re in the right place. At A City Suburban Service, we walk our clients seamlessly through the process of cleaning and restoring a fire-damaged property, taking stress out of the equation.

We know our clients are looking for a contractor they can trust so they can put their mind at ease. As a customer-centric company, A City Suburban Service caters to their every need with a team of highly-trained individuals who use the latest equipment for remediating fire-damaged structures.

When our Chicago-area customers need cleanup and restoration services related to fire, they know they can count on us to take care of them, from water extraction to restoring structures to their original appearance, if not better.

Our most popular smoke and fire damage services

Every fire leaves unique damages in its wake, which means your cleanup and restoration contractor has to be experienced. The following are some of the more common services we provide:

  • Tarping and boarding up the property
  • Water and fire damage cleanup
  • Water removal
  • Drying services
  • Structural stabilization
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Removal of all debris
  • Soot cleanup
  • Removal of smoke-damaged material
  • Smoke and odor removal
  • Restoration of all impacted structures and surfaces
  • Complex repairs
  • Complete reconstruction

To ease your burden even further, we’re experts at communicating with insurance companies/adjusters to ensure your claim is thoroughly vetted. This will lead to a more thorough and comprehensive plan for bringing your structure back from ruin in a seamless manner.

After years of offering these services, we’re aware that this situation can be a difficult one for property owners to navigate for many reasons, but when it comes to water extraction and drying services, cleanup and restoration of your fire-damaged property, we take all the stress out of the situation.

For more information about our services, call us today at 312-945-0019. You can also use our online inspection scheduling service.

Fire restoration contractors on the roof
Our plan for assisting you with fire damage
  • Skilled Experts with Plenty of Experience

    It takes a lot of training and knowledge of the latest fire damage remediation practices to fix a property that has caught fire. Our team has worked in all types of structures involved in a blaze, and we know how to bring your property back from ruin.

  • Modern Equipment & Drying Techniques

    Most fire-damaged structures are also hit with a great amount of water damage. Our approach to this problem is to use the latest tools and techniques to thoroughly extract the water and dry out all salvageable components of the structure.

  • Priced Right & Completed on Time

    Our customers are already dealing with enough trauma – they don’t need sticker shock to add to it. We’re priced competitively and our fees are never hidden. Furthermore, we are serious about meeting our deadlines, always finishing the job on time and exceeding customer expectations.

  • Insurance Savvy

    Dealing with insurance companies and adjusters can be complex and stressful. Fortunately, A City Suburban Service has people on our team with years of experience working with insurance claims, so let us do that for you.

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At A City Suburban Service, we’ve got your back. When fire has swept through your property and you’ve got smoke, soot and water damage remaining, we’re the contractor in the Chicago area that will get you back on track.


Fire and smoke damage restoration

When your property has been damaged by fire, you need a contractor that can do the following:

  • Thoroughly extract water and dry your surfaces

    Even if you have a sprinkler system in your property, you’re still dealing with 300 gallons or more of water clean up for the typical house fire (larger commercial properties often deal with more water). All of it has to be removed and all your surfaces need to be dried before restoration can take place. Our equipment is designed to do just that.

    Thoroughly extract water and dry your surfaces
  • Cleaning structures and knocking down odors

    Smoke and soot aren’t easy to remove, and the odor left behind can be permanent if not taken care of correctly. Our team will not only get rid of all evidence of smoke and soot, they’ll also provide deodorizing services so you don’t have a constant reminder of the incident.

    Cleaning structures and knocking down odors
  • Repair and reconstruction

    Fire doesn’t just leave smoke and suit behind – it will also completely ruin or severely damage everything it touches. We have the expertise to repair and reconstruct your property so it will look brand new. From drywall to painting, flooring to carpentry work, we can tackle the problem.

    Repair and reconstruction

Protecting your fire-damaged property with tarp and board-up services

Most fires leave a property at risk for storm damage and break ins, which is why it’s important to get tarps over open areas and boards on windows and doorways. This is a service we provide to prevent secondary damages.

Animals, Mother Nature, vandals and thieves aren’t empathetic to your loss, which is why having the tarping and boarding services is so important as the first step to fire remediation. We’ll keep all intruders from gaining easy access to places they’re not welcome.

We also deal with your insurance adjuster to ensure everything that should be covered is covered.

Our process begins with responding to a fire-damaged property as quickly as possible to assess the damage and secure the property. We are excellent communicators, which is important in understanding all the intricacies of a property and ensuring the needs of our customers are met.

As with all disasters, a fire is never planned and fits squarely into the definition of an emergency, so when you’re hit with the unexpected, call on the experts at A City Suburban Service for our tarping and board-up services that will protect your property from incurring further damage with.


While most fires will impact a structure in unique ways, our services will most likely take the following course of action

Top to bottom inspection services

Reinforcement of compromised structures

Securing the property with board-overs for windows, doors

Weatherproofing with tarps

Complete water extraction and drying

Customized strategy creation for restoring fire-damaged structures

Salvaging useable structures

Removal of unsalvageable items

Complete inventory of all damaged and undamaged property for detailed insurance claim

Isolation services for areas unharmed

Complete cleanup of debris

Cleaning services following debris removal with custom clean agents

Repairs and other restoration damaged structures

All waste and project-generated refuse is hauled away

Final walk-through with customer

There are many steps involved in a typical fire restoration project, so if you have unique needs, our experts will know how to handle all of them.

Water removal, drying and fire damage cleanup services

Firefighters use around 3,000 gallons of water to fight the typical house fire, which means all that moisture has to be removed before the restoration of your property can begin.

Furthermore all the debris left by the fire must also be removed and the right tools and cleaning solutions must be applied for thoroughly cleaning and deodorizing the entire property. This means your contractor has to be knowledgeable in several areas if they’re going to get the job done right.

A City Suburban Service fire damage cleanup expertise:

  • Contents cleaning & restoration
  • Contents removal
  • Deodorization of entire property
  • Tear out and demolition
  • Structural cleaning

Our initial assessment will help us determine exactly where the fire and water have impacted the integrity of your structure, then we can build up a plan for tackling each phase of the clean-up and restoration project.

Using industry-leading water removal pumps, we’ll extract all standing water in the structure, then use high-powered vacuums to pull moisture out of structures and off surfaces. We also deploy drying equipment to completely abate moisture and prevent mold from taking hold. These initial steps set the stage for deep cleaning, repairing damages and reconstructing areas that have been a complete loss.

We guide you through the entire process so you know exactly what to expect.

At A City Suburban Service, our goal is to address every aspect involved in remediating fire damage, including water damage. Our approach is thorough, as is our communication with our customers. If you’ve been struck by fire damage and the residual water damage, we have the tools and techniques you need to get back to normal or even better. We’ll quickly but thoroughly address all your needs at a competitive price, so contact us at 312-945-0019 to an inspection.

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Years and years of working with insurance claims and adjusters has been an experience that can be of great value to our customers. In fact, let us do the talking. We’ll communicate with your insurance adjuster to ensure that everything on your claim that should be covered is covered.

Extracting water and completely drying your property

A City Suburban Service uses the latest tools for extracting water from a property. Those technologies extend to tools that completely dry a property, which is important to stop all risk of rot, development of mold and creation of bad odors related to water damage.

Extracting the water and drying out all compromised surfaces is a critical step in restoring a property, which is why we jump on the job as fast as possible. This critical first step is followed by comprehensive cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing services.

Water damage extraction in house after flooded

If you’ve experienced a fire followed by extensive water damage from sprinklers or firefighters hoses, we’re the company to call for taking care of the mess and getting you back to normal. Contact us and we’ll quickly tend to your needs.

Cleaning and restoring affected property

When disaster strikes, you need a quick and thorough contractor to assist you, because when a fire ravages your property, just about everything inside of it is impacted, either by heat, smoke or water. A City Suburban Service offers cleaning services that will bring all salvageable items back to their original luster.

Your belongings are special to you, and we take great pains to clean and sanitize them. We’ve amassed the knowledge of cleaning solutions and techniques that can be used to get the job done right. Our professional cleaners know all about disinfecting, preserving and restoring any item associated with a home or commercial property.

We respect your property and protect it as if it is our own.

From charred, smokey and soaked to good as new – that’s what we offer at At A City Suburban Service. If your home or business was affected by a fire, contact us at 312-945-0019 and let’s get your property cleaned and restored.

Cleaning & deodorizing a structure after a fire

The sights and smells of fire damage are unmistakable. Smoke and soot find their way into every nook and cranny of a property and the odor is pervasive. Even after cleaning, the smell can linger, which is why a professional contractor needs to be involved.

At A City Suburban Service, we get to work quickly following a fire, removing all damaged structures, cleaning what’s salvageable and then sanitizing and deodorizing every bit of it. To the novice, it can seem like an impossible job and that the smell will forever remain. But when you have the right tools and the skills to use them, anything is possible.

Cleaning & deodorizing a structure after a fire damage

Cleaning smoke and soot-damaged materials

Soot is the unattractive, smelly side effect of a fire. It’s remnants from burned furniture, flooring, wood, paint and everything else that has gone up in flames. It sticks to anything it touches and provides no shortage of unpleasant odors.

A City Suburban Service will identify the type of soot/smoke damage you have and utilize the most appropriate methods for getting rid of it. We’re experts at getting soot off walls, ceilings and floors. If you have plastics, textiles, finished and unfinished wood that are impacted by soot and smoke, we can completely clean it.

Our comprehensive approach to smoke odor removal

Not only is the residual smoke odor left behind by a fire unpleasant to breathe, it can also be a health concern. Even a seemingly sparkling cleanup following a fire can do little to alleviate the smell of smoke, which is why you need to partner with a contractor that knows how to completely remove it.

At A City Suburban Service, we have investigated many different techniques for removing smoke odor and utilized a variety of machinery, including air circulation and purification systems, as well as environmentally safe treatments engineered to rid the odor of smoke from structures.

Don’t hire a contractor that doesn’t include smoke odor removal services as part of the package. For a professional approach to your situation, contact A City Suburban Service at 312-945-0019 and schedule a site visit.

A complete approach to fire damage restoration services, including repairs and reconstruction

After the first critical steps of removing water and cleaning out damaged materials comes another crucial phase – making repairs and reconstructing anything that has been damaged or destroyed by fire and water damage.

A City Suburban Service is a licensed and insured restoration company that can handle any part of the repair and reconstruction phase of the project. From drywall to door frames, walls to ceilings, our skilled workers know the craft well.

Regardless of your property’s architecture type or extent of damages, we’ve helped property owners of all types with their restoration and repairs and we can help you with yours.

Repair and restoration services we offer:

  • Complete reconstruction
  • Contents restoration or replacement
  • Roof replacement
  • Siding replacement
  • Window replacement
  • Electrical and plumbing reconstruction
  • All types of flooring replacement
  • HVAC reconstruction
  • Electronic recovery

That’s just an example of what we do most often for our clients. If you don’t see your need listed above, contact us and let’s discuss the issue. We’re confident whatever structural need you have, we will remedy.

Our emergency services team is filled with seasoned experts.

As an added bonus, A City Suburban Service will communicate with your insurance company/adjuster to ensure that everything is handled in an accurate manner so everything that should be covered in your claim is covered.

Reconstruction following a fire

One of the final steps to undertake is the restoration of damaged structures. This ranges from small items, such as restoring drywall and painting and carpet installation to larger projects, like rebuilding entire walls and restoring subfloors.

Whether you’ve had a small fire or a large one, it’s important to work with a trusted and licensed contractor that knows the Chicago building codes and pulls the right permits. At A City Suburban Service, we have professionals on our staff that have extensive knowledge of carpentry, cabinetry, plumbing, electrical, roofing and other essential trades.

House after a large fire damage

Structural repairs following a fire

The outer surfaces show the brunt of the damage, but the structural elements underneath might also have been compromised due to fire, smoke and water.

Due to our extensive inspection following a fire, A City Suburban Service professionals know exactly how deep the damage goes. In some cases, the damage goes deep into the structural components of a building, requiring extensive repairs to keep the property safe and inhabitable. Regardless of the extent of the repairs needed, we can handle them.

When your property suffers damage due to fire, the repairs are likely to require an expert in many fields, which is why you should contact A City Suburban Service. We’ve got the experts on hand to take care of everything from drywall to carpet, cabinets to flooring. Get more information about what we bring to the table by contacting us today.
What you get with A City Suburban Service:
  • Consultation and estimate FREE of charge
  • Emergency services: reliable and fast
  • For sensitive situations, we’re discreet and understanding
  • We stand by our rapid response guarantee for those most in need
  • We take deadlines very seriously
  • We treat your property like our own and will protect it throughout the project
  • Every job is accurately priced
  • No hidden fees, ever
  • We value communicating project details so our customers are always informed
  • We’re locally owned, operated and staffed
  • We use industry-leading tools and equipment
  • We’re experts at working with adjusters on insurance claims

The Chicago-area’s full-service fire damage restoration company

A City Suburban Service has developed a reputation for excellence in all of our services related to projects involving fires. Our comprehensive approach includes residential and commercial services that are focused on providing everything our customers need to get back to normal following a fire.

Our fire damage professionals use the latest equipment, cleaning products and techniques to salvage your structure, but we’re also skilled in repairing and reconstructing areas of the property that were severely damaged or completely ruined.

Our customer-centric approach ensures that all the needs of our customers are completely covered and that the finished product exceeds expectations. Our team is also skilled at working with insurance companies, so if you’ve had a fire and want to reduce the stress involved with getting your property back to normal, contact a trusted professional that gets the job done right, on time and on budget. Call us at 312-945-0019 and let’s discuss your project.

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