Property Rehab & Maintenance Services in Chicago

At A City Suburban Services, we offer consistent, professional workmanship in every property rehab and maintenance project we take on for our clients.


Potential investors will have a checklist of items on which they will insist meet their standards as they evaluate real estate. Does your checklist match up? Property rehabilitation is of vital importance and it’s a task that should be a priority long before your real estate is listed.

Many investment properties are bought low for a reason – they need work. Due diligence will dictate how you approach your upgrades and your rehabilitation efforts. For instance, properties in more affluent neighborhoods are highly sought after and can bring top dollar, but they are also outfitted with premium appliances, countertops, landscaping and fixtures. You’ll want to invest appropriately in these upgrades if you’re going to capture a buyer at the highest price point.

Other neighborhoods are filled with properties with minimal upgrades, which means investing in granite countertops and stainless kitchen appliances could actually put you in the hole because nobody will be willing to pay your asking price for said upgrades.

Once you’ve nailed down how you’re going to approach your property rehabilitation, you’ll need to find a third party that can handle all your needs. Rather than sub-contracting out every single job, pick a company that offers all-inclusive services.

Our Property Rehab Services

Rehabbing properties can involve a number of different services, but the following are some of the most common:

  • Interior and exterior remodeling
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical services
  • HVAC services
  • More services

See the full list of property rehab and maintenance services we provide to our clients. We can also customize a plan specific to your needs.

Group of contractors with toolboxes goes to house for interior rehab preservation working in Chicago

For more than 20 years, our expert staff has amassed the kind of experience that makes us the go-to rehab and maintenance specialists in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your project and how our services will be a perfect match.

Illinois Property Rehabilitation: Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

Here is a list of services your contractor should be able to execute flawlessly:

  • Landscaping, repairs to outbuildings, and exterior lighting.
  • Removal and installation of appliances.
  • Inspection and repair or replacement of HVAC.
  • Plumbing inspection and repair.
  • Aesthetic and structural improvements to interiors.
  • Structural inspection and repair of foundation, roof, windows and doors, masonry, carpentry and other structures.
  • Inspection and rehabilitation or replacement of flooring, tile, carpet, counters and cabinets.
  • Evaluation of paint and design of aesthetically pleasing scheme for interior walls.
  • Evaluation and elimination of local and region code violations.

Code violations can significantly impact how your real estate goes to market. Don’t get caught in this web – make certain your third party contractor has a clean record and the knowledge needed to make every job meet the local and regional codes that apply to your property.

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When you find an experienced contractor, you’ll have the advantage of partnering with a professional organization that can identify properties that might qualify for tax credits. While this is not generally a task contractors are responsible for, it is a perk that comes with taking on a company that has many years of experience. Furthermore, if the property is historic, your experienced contractor will know how to approach every aspect of the rehabilitation, which could have strict instructions on how various parts of the property can be remodeled.

Since 1995, A City Suburban Service, Inc. has provided Chicago clients with exceptional services that cover nearly every aspect of a rehabilitation project. In fact, we’ve performed our duties so well we’re considered an industry leader in the Midwest. Our commitment to excellence proves that we haven’t stopped improving – we continue to strive to serve our clients to the fullest extent so we can continue to grow and expand. Contact us today and tell us about your rehabilitation project.

Keep Your Property Safe and Well Maintained in Chicago:

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