Property Preservation Services in Joliet

Choose the right Illinois property preservation service and see a positive ROI.


The preservation services of residential and commercial properties is the latest trend in Joliet. Property preservation is an incredibly important part of ensuring that real estate maintains its value or is upgraded to a condition that meets the expectation of investors. After foreclosure, our property preservation company takes care of our clients building until the property is sold.

Having taken care of the legalities, A City Suburban Service, Inc. will provide customer with a wide range of property preservation services such as Winterization, Lock Change, Eviction Attendance, Lawn Maintenance, Debris Removal/Interior and Exterior and Sales Clean.

Our Property Preservation Services

Unlike others in our industry, we’re committed to offering everything a client could need in preservation services, including the following:

  • Securing
  • Winterization
  • Debris removal
  • Code violation management
  • Preparation for sale or conveyance
  • More services

See the full list of property preservation services we provide to our clients. We can also customize a plan specific to your needs.

Safety improvement of Brick House after exterior preservation and lawn maintenance in Joliet

For more than 20 years, our expert staff has amassed the kind of experience that makes us the go-to preservation specialists in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your project and how our services will be a perfect match.


After severing the lines between devices measuring the quantity of water running through a pipe and filling the gap of supply lines, the entire plumbing system is drained of water through compressed air and checked for any cracks allowing water to escape. Afterwards, ethylene glycol is added to water to decrease its freezing point and dated winterization signs are posted.

Lock Change

Unless the customer states otherwise, A City Suburban Service, Inc. aims to change the locks based upon the government regulations.

Eviction Attendance

Unless stated otherwise by the local law enforcement official on site, or local/state statute, we will complete the eviction process in coordination with the legal officials and according to regulatory environment based upon the type of loan.

Lawn Maintenance

After getting rid of excess shrubs, bush and tree branches to provide the lawn with a pristine appearance, we’ll notify the customer if extra work is needed, but not before providing them with estimated costs. Our work meets the requirements for foreclosed properties and loan type guidelines.

Debris Removal/Interior and Exterior

After estimating the remnants of a property in cubic yards or feet, staff of A City Suburban Service, Inc. will clean the property at customer’s request. In case we notice too much wreckage, we’ll notify the customer of price increase, before embarking on the job. Lastly, we’ll provide the customer with written and photographic verification of all the work accomplished.

Sales Clean

Our staff cleans all the windows inside-out, vacuum clean & sweep the floors and clean the bathroom. Other cleaning services are provided at customer’s request such as cleaning the carpet using water vapor which is estimated as a separate item.

A City Suburban Service, Inc. is an innovative Joliet property preservation services company recognized for a superior quality and customer service. Our experience leads us to clear communication between us and our clients, faster turnaround times and top notch quality service from the beginning. We look forward to serving you! Please contact us today for more information.