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Property maintenance inspector write about building code violations

A City Suburban Service Inc. specializes in improving the appearance of both commercial and residential areas in a way that every person who lives, works or visits these areas can feel proud and experience a sense of well being. Our company does this by ensuring the Property Code Enforcement in Chicago.

The Property Maintenance Code sets the standards of property maintenance by residents and owners of properties. Ensuring that properties are well taken care of usually comes with a positive return on investment. The value of the property is most likely to increase when it is maintained in compliance to government standards, and cities that are well maintained are the most likely to attract investors and buyers. The enforcement of the City’s Code of Ordinance helps in ensuring not only maintenance and appearance, but also the safety of both business and residential areas.

According to these codes, all premises must be of sanitary, clean and safe condition, and the property owner is responsible for keeping their buildings up to code. If a violation of the code is observed by a City inspector, or if a complaint is filed and verified by an inspector, the property owner is given a Notice of Ordinance Violation with a due date of compliance. If the property owner does not ensure the correction of the violation in time, a court appeal and/or fines may be issued to the property owner.

Code violation response, correction coordination and repair services in Chicago

Code violations are tricky. Sometimes, if the code violation is not a major health or safety issue, it doesn’t have to be solved (unless you do a major renovation) and that is determined by the building department. Other times, when the code violation is a health or safety concern, it is in everyone’s best interest to fix, and if discovered, the city will require that the violation is corrected. In some instances the code violations only exist because the codes have changed over the past 150 years, but the most common code violation sources are new installations, performed incorrectly and/or without permits. Coming across code violations is not a rare occurrence in our daily service, and we always notify the property owner of the violation and the recommended code violation response.

Some of the most common Chicago code requirements include:

  • Garbage removal from the yard, sidewalk or alley of the property.
  • Maintenance of the area from the property yard to the center of the alley.
  • Cutting grass that is more than 12 inches tall.
  • Trimming of any vegetation that extends beyond the surface of the alley, sidewalk or public right of way.
  • Ensuring that all vehicles on the premises are in operating condition, displaying current license plates or state inspection
  • stickers unless the vehicle is stationed in a fully enclosed garage.
  • Ensuring that all structures on the premises are structurally correct and in good condition.
  • Securing any unoccupied buildings against unauthorized entry.

Building maintenance inspections to resolve Chicago building code violations

The Code Enforcement Department ensures that all properties in the city of Chicago are well maintained by enforcing building maintenance ordinances citywide and issue violation notices to the property owners to ensure that they resolve Chicago building code violations.

The deadline for correcting most building maintenance code violations in Chicago is seven days. Failing to apply the necessary corrections can result in being summoned to appear in the General District Court, or the corrections being made by the city’s contractor with all costs being billed to the property owner. If the property owner refuses or does not pay the bill, a lien is attached to the property.

With age, buildings begin to require more and more routine maintenance to preserve the property’s value. The Neighbourhood Preservation inspection team is responsible for conducting building maintenance inspection for code violations and ensuring that all code violation issues are solved within the deadlines. With a proactive approach, inspectors discover code violations while inspecting their designated areas and report the violations to the team. A member of the team then performs an inspection of the exterior of the property for the Property Maintenance Code violations. If a violation is confirmed, the inspection team ensures that it is corrected and therefore sustain stable property values in their neighbourhood.

Early detection of maintenance flaws allows easier correction and helps avoid costly repairs. You can hire our company to inspect your property and ensure efficient correction of any violations. We perform all of our services in coordination with the code enforcement officers on your behalf, which helps in solving all issues quickly, thus minimizing fines and ensuring that all corrections are completed to the officer’s approval.

Correcting Chicago Property Maintenance Code violations can be a long and costly process. It involves getting in touch with the right departments, requesting permits, having experts draft plans, and it is overall a very frustrating and confusing process if you don’t have connections and a well established network. This is why we offer our help. We have been in the property maintenance business since 1995 and in our years of service have established an extensive network of contractors and gathered the knowledge required to handle all matters related to violations of the Property Maintenance Code quickly and efficiently.

Code Violation Correction Services

We secure, protect and maintain vacant and abandoned properties. We accomplish that by offering a wide variety of code violation correction services in Chicago:

  • Garbage removal
  • Tree cutting and removal
  • Grass and weed cutting
  • Securing the property by repairing or replacing doors and windows
  • Reattaching, replacing or installing gutters
  • Exterior painting and repairs
  • Siding and roofing repair and replacement
  • Fence repair, replacement and removal
  • Draining/filling ponds and pools
  • Other related services

At A City Suburban Service Inc., we ensure the security of your property by providing constant monitoring of the property by the means of human supervision and, if necessary, electronic surveillance. We always provide on time reports and documentation to our clients. Our work also includes communicating with the authorities on security and code violation or code violation correction matters.

If you are in need of Property Maintenance Code enforcement, violation correction or repair services, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of Property Maintenance Code experts at 312-626-8807. We can also take professional care of your property: for more information, please take a look at our Property Preservation, REO Property Management and Property Rehabilitation services in Chicagoland.